On Exploration, Peru, and Stories (and a thank you to those who are supporting me along the way)

One week from today, my newest adventure will be underway, and I couldn’t be more excited!  On Friday, I will leave with eleven other members of my church to go to a village tucked away in the jungle. We will fly in to Iquitos, Peru, the largest city in the world not accessible by road. [...]

The Danger of a Single Story: Stereotypes and Misconceptions in (and out of) the Classroom

Rewind. Setting: Small-town Texas, the summer of 2012, a living room full of family members. I was making  my rounds visiting loved ones after living in Mexico City for four years, telling stories and talking about my experiences.  “So when I was at Walmart one day - ” I started. “Wait, where?”   “Walmart...:” “There was [...]

Why Multicultural Education?

The first time I remember modifying curriculum to fit my students’ needs was during my fourth year of teaching. It was my last year living in Mexico, and I had a small group of seniors whom I had taught since they were freshmen. Predominantly female and predominantly born to Korean parents living in Central America, [...]

We Teach Who We Are

Why a blog? For several years now, I have wanted to write about my experiences as a teacher, to share my stories, my students’ stories, and to promote best practices and the importance of creating a nurturing classroom culture. Several months ago, I began meeting with my friend and mentor, Pat, to exchange writing and [...]

Eastern State Penitentiary

Recently I went to visit my friend Leanne in Philadelphia. She’s a Louisiana native who moved to PA a few years ago, and she invited me to come see the city before she leaves it to move back to Louisiana permanently. I love traveling - LOVE it - and I have yet to visit a [...]


As a teacher, I firmly believe that personal interest plays an important role in learning and can make or break an experience. I am quick to talk about the things that interest me - race, identity, Mexico, language - because I am a better teacher when I am interested in my subject matter. However, I [...]