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I began this journey to establishing an online presence as an educator and blogger last year. While I’ve blogged off and on for several years, I determined to use this platform to tell stories, share ideas, and provide teaching resources. So many of you have commented to me that you have enjoyed one or more post.

I would like to encourage you to share this website with your fellow educators, and to subscribe to receive regular updates on new content. I commit to emailing no more than once a week, and any email would be to share new posts or provide information on ideas and resources I have found useful.

Click here to subscribe between now and 10:00am on Friday, April 24, you will enter to win a drawing for a free $10 Amazon gift card! By subscribing, your email address will be added to the raffle, and one lucky winner will get an electronic gift card emailed to them.

Use the form below to subscribe, and share this with your teacher friends. We are in this together!

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