On Teaching and Mothering

Eric (a pseudonym) was the kind of student who was never where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be there. While I never taught him, I met him performing sweep duty in the hallways each day during my planning period. Sweep duty involved walking the hallways close to my classroom and “sweeping” kids to their next class, singing tardy slips as needed.  I came to know Eric well, because he needed “sweeping” every single day. Each day I found him in the hallway, he had a new reason for being late to class, as though each … Continue reading On Teaching and Mothering

An Open Letter to Teachers during a Global Pandemic

My Dear Fellow Educator, I see you.  You are the one over there at home trying to take care of yourself and your family in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. You may not be a healthcare provider or first responder, but you are used to being in the frontline of the daily battle to maintain a healthy, thriving society. Except today, you aren’t allowed to go to battle. On a normal day, you deliver multiple lessons, answer hundreds – no, thousands – of questions, provide academic guidance and personal counseling, listen to students with problems much greater than yours, … Continue reading An Open Letter to Teachers during a Global Pandemic